In Sonora Series, I draw inspiration from the Native American way of life and their connection to the earth, spirit and nature. I explore ancient sacred landscapes, individuals and their relationships between nature, civilization and spirituality.

The photographs in this exhibit reflect my journey, while traveling throughout the Sonora Desert an arid region stretching from Arizona to Mexico, where I was seeking to photograph the Yaqui, Hopi, Kumiai, and the Navajo Tribes.

It was there that I experienced their culture, customs and traditions such as the Vision Quest, Sun Dance and Equinox Ceremony. While shooting on location in Mexico, I was transformed by the awe-inspiring beauty of the landscapes and the tremendous amount of respect and appreciation the Native people have towards nature, spirituality and humanity.

My photography is centered on individuals who are still connected to spirituality. Through photography, I explore the world. The objective of Sonora Series is to inspire awareness, inner growth, and ultimately, self-realization amongst viewers.

Sonora Series reflects the mood of the desert and the color of the earth with sepia tones and natural lighting.

These images are my homage to a world that is steadily vanishing.


Aleksey Nuzhnov