Born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine, fine art photographer Aleksey Nuzhnov studied painting at the Ukrainian Academy of Fine Arts. Continuing his education, he later attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, graduating with a degree in Digital Arts.

Nuzhnov began his photography career in April 2005 while traveling in the Sonora Desert, an arid region stretching from Arizona to Mexico; Canyon De Chelle, Antelope Canyon in Arizona and Monument Valley in Utah. It is here that the body of work, which is his signature subject matter and style, was cultivated.

Nuzhnov is inspired by the Native American way of life, their connection to the earth, spirit and nature.
Hoping to photograph several of the Native American tribes, he traveled through the Sonora Desert to Mexico. There he experienced their culture, customs and traditions such as the Vision Quest, Sun Dance and Equinox Ceremony. Nuzhnov has brought forth The Raven Series to capture the true essence of the Native way of life. While shooting on location in Mexico, he was transformed by the awe-inspiring beauty of the landscape and the tremendous amount of respect and appreciation the Native people have towards nature, spirituality and humanity. Nuzhnov has amassed a photographic portfolio of extraordinary places and people from the streets of Manhattan to the ruins in Tulum, Mexico.

Aleksey Nuzhnov is currently exhibiting "The Raven Series" at Focal Point gallery in City Island, NY. He is working on his first book Ode to America, which will document the spiritual journey of Native American tribal life, as well as the nature of the landscape, wildlife, and spirituality of this region.

Nuzhnov lives and works in New York City.